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Comfrey Ointment

I first heard of Comfrey Ointment around 10 years ago when I met Jacqui Christie who was running a part time business called Organica J based at Finzean near Banchory.

Jacqui ChristieFortunately I have kept myself reasonably fit and in good health and had very little wrong with me.

However in October 2010 I took severe stomach pains and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

I was told I had to have my gall bladder removed and the operation  was being done the next morning. This came as a shock to me and the thought of being cut open and then left with a scar for months did not appeal to me at all.

However the operation went well and I was out of hospital in 2 days.

It was then I tried Comfrey Ointment from Organica J to help to heal the scars.

comfrey ointment on comfrey plantMy doctor was amazed how quickly things had healed.

What surprised me was that Jacqui Christie was growing all her comfrey near her home in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and making her own range of organic products which included of course, comfrey ointment.

She is now working the business full time and has a number of wholesalers stocking her products.

She has just launched a new Online Shop with around 100 organic products.

The most popular products are the ones produced from her carefully crafted comfrey, such as comfrey, ointment, gardeners’ hand balm,herbal balm, reflexology foot balm and comfrey macerate

You can learn more at


Article by George McGillivray

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