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The Mearns Distilled
The Mearns Distilled

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The Mearns Distilled is the result of a chance conversation between photographer Andy Hall and painter Francis Boag in the Marine Hotel on Stonehavenís harbour front.

Both have attained distinct and international reputations in their respective fields but, as their conversation developed about their shared love of Stonehaven, where they both live, and the surrounding Kincardineshire landscape as an inspiration for their work, a unique idea evolved.

The seed of the idea was to explore the inspiration of the distinctive Mearns landscape through the eyes of a photographer and a painter.

The result is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of the area with its range of coastal and inland scenery, its rich, red-clay farmland and rocky coastline, its sandy beaches, the vibrant harbour of Stonehaven, the rivers, woodland and distinctive groups of trees on the horizon, all in the characteristic clear light of the North East of Scotland.

This collection of vibrant paintings and atmospheric photographs is Francis and Andyís combined tribute to the Mearns that inspired writer Lewis Grassic Gibbon whose novel Sunset Song remains a landmark in Scottish literature and to whom the book is dedicated.

A journey that began with a passing thought has grown to become an unprecedented insight into the creative processes involved when a painter and a photographer are captivated by a landscape that they both love.

A great book for your collection. 

Book Price:             £12.95

UK Delivery:              £4.00

International Delivery: £7.00

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