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Why Stonehaven is Special

Here's just seven reasons why Stonehaven is special. 

  1. The Harbour
    One of the most picturesque in the country with pubs with real ale, restaurant and gift shop
  2. Dunnottar Castle
    Dunnottar Castle is a dramatic and evocative ruin. As you wander around the extensive buildings you are almost surrounded by sea with gulls and other seabirds wheeling and screaming around the cliffs below you.Only 2 mile south of Stonehaven. Open for visitors summer and winter.
  3. Stonehaven War Memorial
    A particularly noticeable monument on top of the Black Hill near Dunnottar Castle providing a distinct land mark entering Stonehaven by road or sea.Looked upon as a welcoming sight for people returning to the town.The walk from The Harbour to the Memorial and the Castle is very popular
  4. Stonehaven Fireballs Festival
    This unique events starts at midnight on Hogmanay every year and is a memorable way to bring in the New Year.Attracts 10-12,000 visitors each year.
  5. Stonehaven Golf Course
    A challenging course for Golfers in Summer and Winter where you can enjoy stunning clifftop views. Many other courses nearby for those seeking a golfing holiday in the North East of Scotland
  6. Stonehaven Open Air Pool
    UK's only art deco, heated olympic sized, fully filtrated sea water, open air swimming pool. It's an STB 4-star visitor attraction open from first Sunday in June to September each year. 
  7. Pneumodesmus Newmani
    The oldest known air-breathing land animal: a tiny millipede that lived 428 million years ago was discovered in January 2006.on the shore at Cowie, Stonehaven just below the
    Highland Boundary Fault which is a geologic fault that traverses Scotland from Arran and Helensburgh on the west coast to Stonehaven in the east. It separates two distinctly different physiographic regions: the Highlands from the Lowlands, but in most places it is only recognisable as a change in topography.

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